Action Photography by Ry Ogilvie | PUPPY DOG NAMED "RED" for adoption
Created 5-Dec-13
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Please consider adopting a puppy dog for the New Year.
Red is a 8 month (born in June 2013) old mixed Lab that I rescued from my mom's former housekeeper who lives in Ensley and is not able to take care of him. He is housebroken and is very easy to train. He currently responds to sit, bed, back, come here, several hand signals and is cat friendly. He is very athletic, loves retrieving tennis balls and will make a great retriever or frisbee dog. Please go by the Greater Birmingham Humane Society on Snow Drive in Homewood to adopt him. The GBHS is located at 300
Snow Drive, Birmingham, AL 35209 Normal business hours: Sunday-Monday,
noon-4:30pm; Tuesday-Friday, 11am-7pm; and Saturday, 10:00am-4:30pm or contact The GBHS
by phone at 205-942-1211.

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